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You are here 《你在此》
Date: 11 June - 9 July, 2022
Venue: Gallery Exit, Hong Kong
Gallery EXIT is delighted to present Frank TANG Kai Yiu’s solo exhibition ‘You are here’, showcasing the artist’s works made between 2018 and 2022, in which are portrayed places and landmarks of Hong Kong through various mapping approaches and visual presentations. The works exhibited in this exhibition mainly revolve around the history, landscape and people’s lives of a place, where all kinds of relationships and emotions are woven by means of mapping and placed in the contexts of contemporary society and contemporary art. The exhibition will open on Saturday 11 June, and will run till 9 July, 2022.

Maps are worlds seen through the cartographer's eye, spaces represented in a specific way. They may be real or unreal, like the fictional worlds in myths and legends, folklore, hailed from the imagination of the creator. While objective facts are real, the creator’s observations of and feelings for a place are no less so, only becoming fictional when presented as works of art. In contemporary art there is no lack of works that take the ‘map’ as theme, or ‘mapping’ as creative trajectory or strategy. Through maps in different forms, artists all over the world explore and discuss contemporary issues such as racial conflicts, globalisation, ecology, body politics, identity and utopia. Encompassing a rich array of visual elements, maps can also be presented in many different forms.

安全⼝畫廊很⾼興呈獻鄧啟耀個展「你在此」,展出藝術家於 2018 ⾄ 2022 年期間創作之作品,透過不同製圖(mapping)以及視覺展⽰的⽅式,呈現香港的地⽅與地標。是次展覽展出之作品均以地⽅ 的歷史、景貌與⽣活為主,以製圖的⽅式組織成各種關連與情感,置於當前的現代社會及當代藝術的脈 絡。展覽於 6 ⽉ 11 ⽇星期六開幕,展期⾄ 7 ⽉ 9 ⽇。

地圖本⾝就是製圖者眼中的世界,以其⽅式再現的⼀個空間,可真可假,像是虛構的神話傳說、⺠間故 事、創作者想像等。客觀事實為真實,創作者對地⽅的觀察和感受同樣真實存在,呈現為藝術品時則都 可成為虛構。當代藝術中以「地圖」為主題或以「製圖」作為創作軌跡或⼿段的作品屢⾒不鮮,中外藝術家們以製作不⽤形式的地圖探討和論述族群衝突、全球化、⽣態、⾝體政治、認同、烏托邦等當代議題;地圖既能囊括豐富的視覺元素,也同時涵蓋不同展⽰形式。

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Courtesy of Gallery EXIT and the Artist 圖片由安全口畫廊與藝術家提供