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From 4am to 10pm
Date: 9 December, 2016 - 8 January, 2017
Venue: chi art space, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong
Curator: Ying Kwok

Presented by K11 Art Foundation (KAF), the exhibition From 4am to 10pm, fourth in the As Far As Near series, will be held from 9 December 2016 to 8 January 2017. Curated by Ying Kwok, the exhibition will showcase 10 pieces of artwork which local artist Frank Tang Kai Yiu created between 2014 and 2016. Using ink, videos, sounds, and mixed media installations, Tang creates works within the context of modern life and unearthed the hidden beauty in our daily lives, our city, and nature.

Chinese ink painting has always been the key element in Tang’s practice, but his creativity is not limited by the medium. Instead, he challenges the medium with innovative displaying and viewing approaches, which offer viewers a new interpretation of his subjects. In Wipkinger Park, Cheung Fat Estate, Chai Wan Park and Tai Ho Road, Tang integrates modern elements such as fluorescent tubes and videos on his ink paintings of trees on silk. The video clips record his observation of his surroundings, capturing human activities and traces of city life. His works resonate every single individual’s lived experience. Traditional Chinese landscape paintings emphasize the interaction between nature and the artist, whose emotions are depicted in the scenery. Toying with mixed media and modern elements, Tang reinterprets the notion of life drawing in Chinese ink painting and engages us in a new experience of this traditional medium.

All the works in this exhibition are inspired by activities that take place From 4am to 10pm, the most dynamic time of the day, and hence the exhibition title. His work Small Lives records how plants grow, which people in the city often overlook. Intended to create a “thinking space” for viewers to reflect on their own experiences, this exhibition responds perfectly to the rationale of the As Far As Near exhibition series.

K11 Art Foundation (KAF) 將於12月9日至明年1月8日期間,呈獻「既遠且近」系列的第四個展覽——「From 4am to 10pm」,展示本地年輕藝術家鄧啟耀10件在2014至16年間創作的藝術作品。是次展覽由郭瑛策展,作品包括水墨、錄像、聲音、光影、混合媒介裝置等,鄧啟耀在現代生活的語景中創作作品,細膩觀察並發掘我們日常生活、城市和自然中的美。

中國水墨畫一直是鄧氏作品的關鍵要素,但他的創作力並不受媒介的限制,他提出富挑戰性與創新的展示和觀看方法,給予觀眾全新的欣賞和審視角度 。例如《Wipkinger Park》、《長發邨》、《柴灣公園》、《大河道》等作品,鄧氏除了用傳統水墨技法在絹本上繪畫樹木外,亦加入燈管和錄像等現代元素。這些作品中的錄影片段,是他對周圍環境的細膩觀察,是人們活動、城市及自然痕跡的紀錄。作品從不同層面跟觀眾分享藝術家在創作過程中的經歷,同時與觀眾自身的日常生活經驗互相呼應。傳統山水畫強調藝術家與自然的交流,情與景互為表裡;鄧啟耀以多個媒介重新詮釋和記錄這交流過程,開闢了水墨創作的新意境。

展覽取名為「From 4am to 10pm」,這時段的城市和大自然最為活力充沛,所有作品,不論繪畫或錄像,都取材於這段時間內所發生的事情和經歷。其中一件錄像作品《Small Lives》,記錄了植物如何生長,城市裡的人常常忽視。展覽像是要創建一個思維空間,讓觀眾反思自己的經驗,完美地回應了「既遠且近」展覽系列的理念。

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