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While I was away《我回來了》
Date: 18 November - 24 December, 2017
Venue: Gallery Exit, Hong Kong

The current exhibition is a continuation of Tang's 2015 solo show "I was away for a while". The artist revisits the theme of "being away" with a new series of works based on his experience in Kyotango, Japan, a city he visited this September during an artist residency programme.

Tang reconstructs his impressions of Kyotango, a seaside town facing the Sea of Japan, through ink painting. His works show the scenery and landscape from different perspectives. In order to recreate the tone of the sky over Kyotango, he projects light of a similar tone onto the works. With the series, he hopes to evoke the feeling of getting away from city life.

The artist is well aware of the contrast between traditional ink painting techniques and current exhibition practice. This is apparent not only in the incorporation of light into his works but also in his use of window blinds and screens as hanging scrolls. A traditional form of presentation that goes back hundreds of years, scroll paintings usually hang suspended from a wooden rod. Tang, however, uses coloured fluorescent tubes instead - a choice that literally casts new light on an ancient practice.




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