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Shing Wong Street|城皇街
Ink watercolour, gouache, graphite, colour pencil, sign pen on xuen paper
400 x 236cm
Commissioned by Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts, 2021

In this newly commissioned work, Frank tang combines research and painting to create a map that illuminates the physical and social nature of the diverse community network in Shing Wong Street, from the past to the present. The map showcases the development of the city changing slowly, or even disappearing. Sun Tat Sen's old residence is now the Hong Kong News Expo. Neighbours have transformed a refrigerator into a " Free Book Library", built a small city oasis and donated seats for passers-by to use. The map is a combination of the artist's aesthetics and public cognition, coexisting both objectively and subjectively to portray the nature of the depicted objects from multiple perspectives.

Exhibition record| “Serendipity in the Street” @Tai Kwun