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#ArtTravellers Exhibition Series IV: Traversing the Horizon
Date: 24 May 2019 - 29 Feb 2020
Venue: 1F lobby, Trade and Industry Tower, Hong Kong
Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by the Art Promotion Office

The Art Promotion Office is excited to launch the fourth #ArtTravellers Exhibition Series at the Trade and Industry Tower featuring two young local artists, Samson Cheung and Frank Tang, who have drawn inspiration from a trip they made to Kyotango in Japan. Reimaging, rethinking and reconstructing their experiences and impressions of a foreign land, they string their insights together in unique artistic idioms to present an exciting, relivable art journey.

Cheung and Tang both visited Kyotango for an artist-in-residence programme in 2016. Reuniting for this exhibition on the theme of travel, the two artists recreate highlights of their stay in Japan through the ingenious use of space in the foyer of the Trade and Industry Tower. The multimedia displays are built along three lines drawn from their impressions of Kyotango: the sea, a lighthouse and a map.Cheung and Tang draw on each other's experiences and creations to relate their complex feelings about travelling. Commuters are now invited to take a break from their hurried journey and pause a while to appreciate, feel and reflect on various aspects of travel by opening their eyes, ears and minds to the exhibits. These works are not only the product of two artists putting their ideas together, but an invitation to viewers to start a dialogue about the culture of travel and to explore the deeper meanings of a journey.

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